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Isn't it time you discovered your own Zensational Health?

All too often we hear conflicting information about our health and dietary choices.  What's reported as being healthy for us one day is then found to be detrimental the next. We walk around in a sea of other voices telling us what we need, and we no longer trust our ability to make a choice, so all too often, we do nothing.  We have lost our ability to tune into the messages from our own bodies and our own internal wisdom and to honor our own uniqueness and act accordingly. 

When you honor your uniqueness, life becomes easier.


My approach to holistic health coaching is to not only explore your physical health, but also your emotional and spiritual health.  I will utilize my years of training and experience to determine your own unique and personal design, and from there we will formulate a program that honors YOU.

Face Readings and Birthdate Analysis

Making a change in your life isn’t always easy, and you may wonder if this is the best choice for you.  A Face Reading and Birthdate Analysis can introduce you to the person you were born to be.

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Health Coaching

Understanding what you need to be healthy and actually doing something about it is challenging for almost everyone.  As your health coach, together, we’ll create a customized plan that supports, educates, inspires and encourages you to feel good again.

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Clearing Work

EVERYTHING IS ENERGY, and let’s face it, not all energy is created equal.  Personal and Space Clearings can give you that energetic advantage where life unfolds with ease.  Isn’t it time you looked forward to coming home – both to your house and to your soul?

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