facereading_imageYou’ve seen this image staring back at you from the mirror your entire life, but probably didn’t realize that your face is actually an energetic reflection of both your physical, emotional, and spiritual self.  Your face tells the story of who you were designed to be and how you are meant to show up in this life.  It reveals what’s going on inside your body with your physical health, as well as how you’re emotionally navigating the experiences that life throws your way.

Face Reading is based on the ancient science of the Chinese 5 Elements; wisdom that has endured for over 3,000 years and was actually the first truly holistic form of health care.  Drawing on the wisdom of observing nature, these ancient scientists and healers discovered that these same patterns that were found in nature provided information not only about a person’s physical health, but also gave insights regarding their personality traits.  In addition to the face, the time of birth also energetically influences our personality.  Using the same principles of the Chinese 5 Elements, a system known as the 9 Star Ki, I also look see how a person’s birthdate influences them in order to provide you with an in-depth understanding of your unique energetic expression.  The combination of the facial patterns along with the messages from the birthdate provides a very accurate reading of the inborn nature of the person.

A Face and/or Birthdate Reading can provide understanding into many areas of your life.  During a reading, you will:

  • Learn your strengths and challenges
  • Gain clarity about career choices
  • Develop your personal relationships and navigate them with greater ease
  • Discover supportive dietary and lifestyle choices
  • Receive guidance on easy modifications that will help you regain physical, emotional and spiritual balance


A Face Reading can introduce you to your original self – the person you were meant to be before life stepped in to shape you with the expectations, beliefs and opinions of others. Once you understand your own personal super powers, as well as your kryptonite, you will be able to live your life in a way that honors your own unique energetic makeup.  You’ll break out of the critical, judgmental mindset that constantly compares itself to others and enter a place of understanding yourself on a whole new level.

"If you’re searching for that one person who will change your life. . . take a look in the mirror"