zensational health space clearing personal clearingWhat is Clearing?

Clearing is a form of energy work that rebalances and harmonizes people, pets, homes, businesses, and even stressful life circumstances.  Every single thing in this physical world carries an energetic design and these energy patterns can become misaligned from outside forces – such as stress, negative thoughts, emotionally charged life experiences, etc.

A clearing allows the flow of energy to realign and harmonize in a way that that is both powerful, yet subtle.  Clearing creates and holds the space to allow the energetic system to return to a place of wellbeing.

Space Clearing

Space Clearing is a simple method for balancing and harmonizing the flow of energy in a home or business. Our homes are so much more than just simple physical structures. They house not only our physical body and our belongings, but they also collect the unseen energetic residue of the emotions, thoughts and beliefs of the people occupying the space.

Many people are extremely empathic or highly sensitive, and they, especially, pick up on the energetic debris left by the emotions of others. Maybe you’re that person who can walk into a room and immediately sense the tension or sadness. Often, we don’t even realize that these energies don’t really belong to us and we pick up on them and they become our own.

Space Clearing is a powerful way to uplift the energy of a space. After a space is cleared, people report that they feel healthier, stronger, more focused and relaxed.

Space Clearings can be helpful if you’re moving – as a way to clear the energy of the home you are leaving so that the home will feel lighter, brighter and roomier.  In fact, a high-profile real estate agency in New York City utilizes professional space clearers as part of their sales process in order to facilitate the sale of their higher-end properties.  Also, space clearings can be helpful if you’re moving into a new home so that you’re not picking up on the energies of the people who lived there previously or the stress and chaos of new construction.

If you’ve experienced an especially emotional or upsetting time in your life, (divorce, death, loss of a job, etc.) a space clearing in combination with a personal clearing will allow you to once again move forward in life with greater ease and clarity.

If you are in business, a space clearing can assist in bringing harmony into the environment to create a harmonious, productive and successful work environment.

If you coordinate events, consider a space clearing to create a clear and energized environment for those who will be attending. As you can see, Space Clearing has beneficial applications for everyone.

Space Clearings can be done on-site or remotely, and each is equally effective.  If you feel a Space Clearing could be helpful for you and your space, contact me today and I’ll be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

Personal Clearings

In much the same way that our physical surroundings just feel better when they are balanced, organized, clean and clear, so does our internal energy system.

A personal clearing can harmonize your personal energy, and in doing so, can assist you in all areas of your life – diet, exercise, work, relationships, sleep, etc.

Imagine a hose with a kink in it.  Until that kink is removed, the water cannot flow properly and pressure continues to build.  Based on the Chinese 5 Elements, a personal clearing gently releases the kinks that have been blocking the energetic flow in your system.  A clearing allows your personal energy to rebalance and harmonize.

A personal clearing can be done remotely over Face Time or Skype, or by telephone.  You don’t even need to be present with me at the time of the clearing, as I can clear and follow up with you at a time that is convenient for you.

Together we hold the following intentions as part of the clearing process:

  • Unconditional Love – Anything other than love is released and cleared.
  • Non-judgment: We release judgment for what clears
  • Non-attachment: We release any attachment to a specific outcome during the clearing process


Clients often report feeling, more focused, alert, relaxed, peaceful, and able to navigate the challenges life throws their way with greater ease and perspective.

Doesn’t your soul deserve a beautiful clean and clear energy to support it? Schedule your clearing today and let’s get started creating the internal space that supports every aspect of your life.