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Candace H.

"I never thought I could go so many weeks without getting on the scale.  Carlene was right, when you eat and feel well, the number on the scale isn't very important. One of her many gifts is helping a person discover an internal scale of wellness, beauty and success.

Carlene coached me to explore and change only things of my choosing and on my schedule. Her balance of suggesting and inspiring versus allowing me to do nothing was key.  It is only in that self- love and welcoming things exactly as they are that authentic change can happen. This is where she stands out from other programs, diets, businesses.

Our challenge is not listing our dreams and goals but acting on them.  Carlene's support and mentoring reveals her intuition, wisdom and knowledge about motivation and the person with whom she is working.  

I consider myself highly intuitive, analytical and self- aware.  And yet upon first meeting with Carlene, she saw quickly and deeply into my avoidance issues of which I was blind. Her questions and insights led me to a new level self exploration.  This led to action that has improved my physical, mental, and spiritual health. She is truly a passionate, sincere woman with so many gifts that heal and inspire."


Nikole P.

"What Carlene does is so hard to explain and is so much deeper than telling you how to eat or exercise. In addition to all of the great health information she has given me, she has helped me discover and understand why I resist taking care of myself. Now that she's helped me overcome this hurdle, I can't wait to see what she will teach me next!"


Jeanne P.

"Carlene helped me to realize how much impact the types of food I choose to eat have on my health.  I have been diagnosed with diverticulosis, and she helped me figure out ways to increase the fiber in my diet and taught me the importance of using a good probiotic to help my digestive system.  She taught me that my digestive health has a huge impact on how I am feeling overall, which is something I did not know before.  It was inspiring to hear Carlene's story on how eating whole, natural, clean foods has impacted her health for the better.   Now I want to do the same.  Thank you Carlene!"


Amy G.

"Working with Carlene was such a wonderful experience for me!  Her insights were invaluable, and she helped me to address several areas of my life where I had struggled for quite some time to gain traction on my own.  From health and fitness, to relationships, to realizing the importance of taking time out for myself, Carlene’s advice has helped me to improve my life and find a healthier balance that was so desperately needed.  

Above all of the practical advice and guidance, what I valued most was Carlene’s friendship.  Having such a positive, affirming person in my life has really encouraged me to make proactive, long-lasting changes.  Carlene’s enthusiasm is contagious, and she really makes you feel as though anything is truly possible!  I view my experience with Carlene as a life-changing one, and highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to live a healthier, happier, and more balanced life."


Kristy E.

"I would love to tell you about a very wonderful, caring woman.  Her name is Carlene Snyder and she is a Health and Life Coach and founder of Zensational Health.

Carlene and I go WAY back as friends and colleagues.  Even then she made you feel special and good about yourself.  Now she has the opportunity to help a lot of people.  Listen to Carlene.  She knows what she's doing.  Carlene has done her homework and is quite knowledgeable in the field of health and wellness, and is always diving deeper for information that helps every individual in their quest for living their best life.

I found out last year (2012) that I had thyroid cancer. Papillary is a good kind  (if you can call any cancer a good type).  This cancer has a good cure rate.   I went through all the surgery and radiation.  Carlene was with me every step of the way, with kind words, prayers and any information that she knew would help me along my way to recovery.  I just had my second scan, and it came back clean.  Praise GOD!!!

Now I am going through what I call " A Full Body Redo".  Cleanse, Spirit and most of all the will to get going again.  Carlene has motivated me with praise, friendship, love and support.  Her program makes SOOO much sense and it's easy.  The information (program steps), recipes and little tidbits are wonderful.   I would encourage anyone to try this.  Carlene is a terrific Life Coach and teacher.  She is passionate about people and her life's mission.

Carlene, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You are my friend and confidant for life!"


Nora C.

"My face reading with Carlene was an amazing opportunity at a deeply transformative time in my personal life to know myself more deeply. Carlene's ability to offer back to me what I needed to see through her intuition and facial analysis skills was precise, compassionate and incredibly accurate. 

If you are looking to learn more about yourself, I highly recommend a reading with Carlene."


Joyce T.

"The Chinese Face Reading and Nine Star Ki session with Carlene initiated a transformation in my life. Understanding how the energy of the five elements informs and shapes human faces and relationships has shifted my perception of, and engagement with everyday life in a simple, yet profound way. I'm empowered and energized and grateful."